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Fred Haan

I think that your assesment of this situation is completely wrong. What alternatives are out there right now? Netflix? Nah, takes too long. Bittorrent, nah, might get caught (as I am over 20, I am seriously considering that risk). The fact that the rental period will be limited is not a problem to me, I would wish to watch a movie within an hour after it is downloaded. To a lot of people it has to do with convenience. I don't care about the price, I don't care that I don't own the movie. I want a large movie library and once I decide, I will want to watch the movie asap, and only once. I really do believe that this is a great step in the right direction. I foresee problems during the first 6 months but everything takes time.

Seamus McCauley

Fred: re "Bittorrent, nah, might get caught (as I am over 20, I am seriously considering that risk)"

You're quite right, of course, that some people in your position are already deterred by the possibility of being caught and prosecuted for stealing music or video over the net. But I think you're trying to generalise about a whole market from your own experience and perspective! BitTorrent traffic accounted for 35% of all Internet traffic a year ago, and its creator Bram Cohen measured 40 million users of the technology in a recent Wired interview (http://qurl.com/11j1m).

I'm with you, incidentally - the risk of being prosecuted is too great for me to justify stealing movies off the net. But at least 40 million people are already on the pirate ship, so I don't think you can dismiss it as an alternative.


I don't think that the rental model is a mistake. Most movies are viewed once and never again. Who wants to waste money and storage space on movies that mostly will never be played again. It is very different from the music model. People tend to listen many times to their tunes. Apple may be smarter than you think.

Daniel Eran

"The Online Music and Movie Rental Myth"


According to proponents of this myth, the real road to obscene profits in movies, music, software, and other digital media lies with online subscription rentals, not direct sales. They're wrong, here's why.

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