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Last night I went to the Chinwag event discussing whether Web 2.0 was a bubble or not. Chairing the event was Mike Butcher (who gave us a quick resume of Bubble 1.0 - though he missed out Jellyworks, my all time favourite 1.0 scam). A brief and irreveren [Read More]

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If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. If you don't you might miss out on the Diversions! Thanks for visiting!I have, since the term first began to appear, had an innate revulsion for the idea of web 2.0. I didn... [Read More]



Sorry to have missed it, although I much prefer picking your brain to having to actually use my own.

Will start coming to interesting events once I've finished the book.

Ian Delaney

We must stop not meeting like this, Seamus. Always next time, though, eh...


Ian - I'm not going to the next Chinwag, but I spect we'll bump into one another at one of these things sooner or later. I'll try to watch out for you next time!

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