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Paul Sweeney

I know a few up and coming bands that make good intelligent music and are doing their own thing outside the record labels (http://www.marthadigs.com/headgear/index.html)
The thing that strikes me most about this endeavour is how hard it is to get any attention! (hey, market yourself on myspace, play free songs, etc.etc.) yeah, but every band is doing it. In a way you have to game the band space on myspace to even get any notice.

So what's the point in this comment? well, I think their is a role for an industry focused promotions company that helps bands manage this kind of internet marketing/ SEO/ placement game.

you can be really good for a while and cause some ripples, the problem is, the ripples don't carry across into the next pond.


For SEO advice sellaband is great as many participants in thier forum are more than willing to answer questions free of charge to help you promote yourself. I also feel that artists starting on the social networking road need to learn to put some of their fans to work in the promotions game. One example with links to other articles I wrote can be found at http://netvalar.blogspot.com/2007/10/blogging-for-promotions.html

Steven Kalifowitz

I'm not so sure I buy the idea that bands don't need labels. They definitely don't need the old model of a label - but to be successful, bands definitely need some sort of financial support. The majority of most band's income is derrived from touring. Someone needs to give them money to tour. That's the advance a label gives them in exchange for points per song.

In addition, many artists make tons of money, not from CD sales, or downloads, but Film & TV placements (including commercials, sync licensing, etc...). That type of song-plugging can only happen when a label or publishing represents an artist - who was likely given a substantial advance.

Notice Madonna's new deal with Live Nation - even she still needs to sign with a company who will front the cost of her business.

My brother's company, Downtown Records is starting up a new venture (read: label), noahbrier.com, I proposed a solution for distributing every form of media where everyone gets paid, and users win.

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