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I don't doubt that bookshops are doomed, but this strikes me as the worst of both worlds. If you're so motivated to have the physical frisson of bookshop browsing (as I am, for sure), I think you'd want to take the book home right then and there, clutching it in your hot paw, sticky from Starbucks icing.

The Jott idea makes more sense for a book you know you want to have, rather than one you happen upon - in which case just buying it online does the job. Why on earth would someone want to use the phone for this?

Also, the price variations between different providers are so trivial, why waste more money than you're saving on the damn phone call?

Seamus McCauley

Awrc - I don't think we get the same things out of bookshopping. I could cheerfully leave a bookshop in the knowledge that half a dozen books were on their way to my house in a couple of days thinking my shopping had gone well.

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