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Yes, still, even if someone like Scott Karp has stopped using Twitter doesn't mean that Web 4.0 is dead. There are still a ton of people who haven't yet gotten over Web 2.0 and are still trying to figure out how to tap into this kind of technology to benefit their businesses. Not to mention that newspapers are still not dead yet--they've just gone online like everybody else and the larger ones have even added commenting functionality.

Seamus McCauley

Hi Clara
I suppose I was mainly joking about web4.0 - though if you known of anyone claiming to know what it is already do point me in their direction!


Nice, but you lack the big picture. I pronounce the death of Web/Grid/Net x.y.


haha! I suppose when somebody writes Web 4.0 they should expect that there will be a derth of people who cannot get a joke: "Web 4.0" sounds too serious and absolutely real when so much change is happenning almost each day.

Twitter is pretty boring and cumbersome without the Search function. I don't see any point in adding my friends there for them to see my stupid updates and vice-a-versa, and hence the only use can be receiving updates to my mobile from important web-sites. One useful "twit" I found was the Multimap's twitter, and it's the only thing I am following right now.

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