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I can't deny the popularity of animal sex stories. But I would note that over at Metro, while in 2006 there were two animal sex stories in our top ten of the year, last year there were none (instead, stories about horrifying penis-mutilation incidents were big).

Trend? Statistical blip? Were there just not as many good animal sex stories around in 2007? I think further research is called for.

Shane Richmond

The bicycle sex story is available here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2007/10/26/nsex126.xml

Seamus McCauley

Shane - I still get a 404 error. Could just be me.

Shane Richmond

It's working for me. There's a working link in my blogpost from yesterday too.


One thing that might help explain the "most emailed" status of offbeat stories is that people think their friends will find the top hard news stories on their own, while not necessarily coming across the news of the weird.

Granted, the weird stuff is now almost universally featured in prominent positions, but I still think there's a tendency for people to think such stories might be missed, just because they are so unusual.

A related hypothesis: people email weird stories because they're weird. Everybody likes a break from the norm. This doesn't mean they don't also read the other stuff.

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