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I fully agree that facebook as a business model is doomed by data protection concerns, and have written many of the same conclusions.

But all the stats you quoted here imply a small decline in January - where is the evidence that engagement has actually gone up?

Tom Findlay

Yeah, it might be evil and doomed, and really, who gives a tinker's curse what the usage is? But it has played a significant role in the global trends towards deregulation, non-hierarchical inclusivity, and the drive towards open and transparent communities.

It's also a bit of a gas that one wee guy can write a bit of software and create a vast global community. Of course craigslist with about 3 billion hits a month did that eons ago...

Seamus McCauley

RNB: I have access to comScore stats but not a license to republish them; those stats show That engagement in all the metrics I cite above (minutes spent on the site etc) up in Jan.

Tom - very true. See indeed Seth Godin's "Small is the new big" on this subject. The thing that will ultimately hammer Facebook is competition from some tiny shoestring operation that doesn't need to pester its users with invasive ads every day merely to justify a spurious multi-billion dollar paper valuation. Right now my money's on Kaioo.

Thanks for commenting guys.

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