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I would be interested to know whether there is any precedent for the government introducing a specific tax which is then passed directly to a specific interested party.

After all, it isn't a cornflake tax that subsidises maize farmers in the mid-west, nor does petrol tax go to Shell or airport tax into the pockets of BAA.

If not, I can't see the Music Business Group's suggestion getting very far.

Traditionally, self-serving subsidies only survive because a very small group is being subsidised by a very large group, and the large group isn't aware of the cost. But if they charge a specific tax on a specific product, it's going to be very obvious and unpopular, and unlikely to surive long.

Seamus McCauley

Rick -

TV license fee / BBC?


well this may very well be the downfall of the record industry, but they have to do something. Here's the overview, you take 60 Million computer users and take 100 Bucks a month that's 7.2 billion dollars in revenue, and the 10.00 tax on internet service, would all work, downloading music movies games and software would the be legal.

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