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Also interesting to announce it in a blogpost. Now if he had used the brevity of a tweet that would have been creative. Or did Twitter die and is the nex big thing smoke signals in Second Life? Anyway who are Scoble and Calacanis? The next Steve Jobs and Bill Gates? Please. Techmeme sometimes seems like a geek gossip site.

George Nimeh

The irony is, of course, that the story is posted on Wired's blog. What's even more ridiculous is that Paul Boutin is a blogger for Valleywag. Essentially, this is a gossip blogger writing about how bad blogging is because there is so much gossip and crap on blogs.


Tim Reha

The post by Paul Boutin is total retardation.

A way smarter approach is to maintain your own Domain Name and branded website/blog.

Then leverage the 40+ web services and pull them back into your blog/website.

Then apply SEO techniques to your blog posts, twitters, etc. so you drive traffic to your own property. This will build your brand and give you control over your destiny.

Valleywag's Paul Boutin is a fool and glue-head, who is just trying to create waves to get readership.

Control your core brand and core blog/website. Leverage the newbie services that get hot then get COLD over time.

Cheers, Tim Reha

Seamus McCauley

Brendan - you should see Techmeme on a Sunday afternoon...

George - indeed.

Thanks for commenting guys.

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